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Quantum Entanglement meets lash life

STORY TIME: 🧬 #Quantem Entanglement meets #LashArtistLife ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Yeah so I cannot even make this up... The other day I was hammer adding songs to my playlist called LASH SESSIONS on #Spotify as quick as I could because I had clients coming and I couldn’t listen to the same songs one more day in a row 😂 🤭 So I found a bunch of cute acoustic music at like right before I had clients coming in... Fast Forward now to my middle part of the day as I am doing my client @christinedoroslovac ‘s #eyelashextensions for her #anniversary and in the middle this song pops up... I get to love you by #Ruelle which was her #weddingsong 😝 REWIND NOW 1 YEAR... I had done her #weddinglashes and had been through that part of her journey... FLASH FORWARD NOW Her being the country fan she was I had no idea this was her song she would #walkingdowntheaisle to! Has anyone else had a crazy experience like this with a client? What happened? Comment below with your story because I am having an #extrasensoryperception moment 🖼 🤯 CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP 🤯 Credit Playlist Link: spotify Song Credit @ruellemusic Article Credit @yourtango  

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