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FAQ & Safety PrecautionPolicy's

PMU and Aesthetics Etiquette/Policies

Booking: A time reservation of $50 for Permanent MakeUp & $10 Eyelash Extensions, Lash lifts, or Brow Laminations is required at the time of booking to secure the appointment, this will be deducted from the total at the appointment. Failing to show up or canceling last minute will result in loss of booking fee.


Arrival: Please arrive a few minutes prior to your appointment time, late arrival may affect your treatment time or result in a cancelled appointment. 


Children: Although we love them, I kindly ask that you please leave them at home this is your time to relax and unwind and due to insurance reasons and OHS we can't have minors in the studio. 


Valuables: PMU and Aesthetics accepts no responsibility for valuables that go missing or are damaged within the premises.


Cancellations: Please kindly provide us with 48-24 hrs notice, rescheduling appointments is subject to availability. a $50 last minute cancellation fee will be charged.


Confirmations: Please kindly reply to your confirmation message, if your appointment is unconfirmed by end of business day it will sadly be cancelled. 

No shows: Failing to contact and not showing up to your appointment will result in not being rebooked.


Refunds: No refunds will be issued under any circumstances.


Reactions: We work to ensure that we use the best products in the industry but we take no responsibility for any allergic reaction/ reactions that may occur, this is a risk you are taking when under going eyelash extensions, patch tests are available.

In the instance a reaction does occur please seek medical attention immediately.


Lash hygiene: Failure to remove eye make up  prior to your treatment will/can result in shortened treatment time and poor retention. clean lashes = happy healthy lashes, we offer a 20.00 lash bath service for all lashes in need of care.

If you have any issues within 72 hours of lash application please contact us immediately.

FAQ for Eyelash Extensions:


Q. Can I wear mascara with my eyelash extensions?


A. No, you can not wear mascara with eyelash extensions. The use of mascara with eyelash extensions will greatly reduce the retention of the adhesive. 


Q. How much are fills?


A. Price of fills will vary based on lash style and time between appointments. Immy's Lash Lab will base the price on the condition of the lashes at the time of the appointment.


Q. How long does the procedure take?


A. Depending on the desired look, lash style, and amount of natural lashes; the procedure can take 1-3 hours.


Q. How long will my eyelash extensions last?


A. Eyelash extension retention will vary from person to person. Depending on multiple factors such as; where you are in your lash cycle, how strictly you follow the aftercare instructions, and environmental factors like humidity.


Q. What is the difference between eyelash extensions and an eyelash lift?


A. Eyelash extensions differ greatly from eyelash lifts. Extensions are individual false lashes glued onto a single natural lash whereas a lift is a semi-permanent solution to curl the natural lashes. Lifts are a much more low maintenance solution to extensions, though it is much less dramatic.

FAQ for Permanent MakeUp:


How long does it take to heal? Will I be able to go to work?

Healing can take up to one week. You can go to work but it is important to follow the aftercare instructions, especially not applying makeup to the treated area until completely healed, to carefully ensure the best results.

How long is the appointment?

Approximately 2.5 hours. It is important to us that you are satisfied with the shape and the outcome of your treatment.

Will you fill in the desired shapes first?

Yes, the procedure will not start until we've agreed on a color and shape that is flattering to your facial features. To ensure you are satisfied with your service we request that you carefully look at the shape and color before we start the service. Once the decision is made, the look you chose will be final. After leaving our salon we are not responsible or liable for any changes you wish to make to your shape or color so please make sure you are final with your decision. Any desired changes made to the shape or color after leaving our salon will result in extra charges.

Can I get them wet or work out?

In order to reduce the risk of complications or infection it is best to keep the treated area dry for a week. This also helps in retaining the pigmentation to keep it at its full potential.

Can I wear make-up after?

Not on the treated area for at least one week but everywhere else is fine. You may only wear make-up on the treated area if it has completely healed.

Is the second appointment necessary?

It is highly recommended to ensure the perfect shape, but this is also case by case and can depend on how well your skin retains the treatment. Touch ups are highly recommended and cost varies depending on the time frame you choose to return. To ensure great results we recommend booking your touch up appointment within 4—8 weeks after your initial appointment.

(Please visit our services page for more details on touch up pricing.)

If my brows were completed by a different artist, will my service be considered a touch up?

No, if your brows have been done by a different artist then your service will be considered an initial appointment. Corrections done on previous work can be very complicated, time consuming, and 100% result cannot be guaranteed. I need to set aside more time for each corrective service, therefore I charge an additional $150 on top of the new brow service if corrections are needed. If more corrective work is needed after the second session, a fee of $150 will be charged after each visit. Some factors that determine the amount of sessions and cost are the depth of pigment and darkness of color compared to the desired result.

If you have previously had work done on your brows by a different artist we require that you send in a photo before your appointment so that we can assess the time needed for your appointment. Each correction is case by case and the end result cannot be guaranteed.

What is done during a touch up appointment?

During your touch-up I will only touch up what needs to be darker to improve the evenness of color throughout the brow. This touch-up does not cover changing the shape of your brows in any way, shape, or form. If you want to change the shape of your brows during your touch-up a fee of $150 will be charged. To ensure that you don't have to pay an additional fee during your touch-up appointment please make sure you are completely satisfied with the brow shape and color before leaving your initial appointment.

We will no longer provide a free complimentary touch up with your service as touch up time frames vary for each person. Touch ups are highly recommended and cost varies depending on the time frame you choose. To ensure great results we recommend booking your touch up appointment within 4—8 weeks after your initial appointment. (Please visit our services page for more details on touch up pricing.)

What happens if I arrive late to my appointment?

You must arrive on time. If you are running more than 20 minuets late you will have to reschedule your appointment and forfeit your deposit fees. Being late will create a delay to the therapist's schedule and is unfair to other clients.

What happens when an unsuitable client shows up with a booked appointment?

It is our policy to only treat clients who qualify for our services. If you neglect to do so and show up with any condition that makes you an unsuitable client we will refuse service and you will lose your deposit. It is also important to be honest and inform the therapist of any medical conditions you have before your appointment.

How do I know if I am a suitable client for your services?

Please read our policy on the 'Brows" page or at the top of the page to see if you are a suitable client for our services.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions and would like to set an appointment. Thank you!

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