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Would you like to learn how to create the ideal brow? Are you an artist that love to make clients look absolutely stunning? 

If the face is a canvas than eyebrow micropigmentation maybe the perfect way to utilize your artistic talents.

With our instructor you will get a comprehensive course designed to not only teach you the technical aspects of the craft along with the latest techniques. It will also give you a well rounded experience that includes client relationships, proper sanitization & disposal, skin complications, and tips on branding and marketing.

All designed to help you gain the confidence to have a thriving client base and be your own boss

The course runs for 6 weeks are the base outline is as follows;

- One 3 hour class per week to tackle unique topics

- 3 live models will be done alongside/with Sumiko

- daily out of class practice work will be critiqued via 1x per week via a 1 hour zoom call

- a progress evaluation will be offered at the midway and end of the apprenticeship

- additional models can be bought in during the apprenticeship at a charge of $50 per model to cover Sumiko's time and needs to be arranged in Sumiko's calendar. A maximum of 1 additional model per week

$4000 + Kit ($2500)

Full Course details & Outline Coming soon

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