This procedure is permanent makeup's best kept secret for any women. What is the point of having gorgeous eyes if no one gets to see it? Permanent eyeliner is a fabulous technique in accentuating the colour, shape, and size of your eyes adding depth, definition, and lift. And also, your natural lashes appear thicker and fuller. It is time saver and great solution for those with active lifestyles, allergies, dexterity issues, and vision problems.
Through the state of the art process of micropigmentation where pigment is deposited into the dermis layer for the skin creating a permanent effect. The effect of permanent eyeliner can even help to correct the appearance of certain eye types and facial asymmetries.There are various techniques that can be consulted on.
A Lash Line Enhancement is where pigment is kept within your natural eyelash line and is made to look incredibly natural, give the impression of thicker natural eyelashes, and is the perfect base for thicker makeup eyeliner for a more dramatic look.
The Standard Eyeliner  is where pigment is deposited within and above the lash line to create a subtle and natural makeup look.
A variation of this is the Smokey Eyeliner which deposits a gradient of dusty colour to create a more dramatic look. This however is not recommended for women under 40 because the look will limit your variation in looks and styles. Also, any lady with smokey eyeliner that has any surgery around the eyes later in life for health or cosmetic reasons can alter the micropigmentation and cause it to look 'strange'.
For Sumiko the application of the 'winged flick' on the outer edge of the eye is not recommended because of the tendency of the pigment to migrate due to the thinness of the skin around the eye.

$425 for both top and bottom eyeliner

$300 for top OR bottom lash line enhancement

Lip Blush

Refresh and rejuvenate the natural colour of your lips with this procedure for beautiful full coloured pouty lips. The process of pigmenting the lips creates the impression a soft lip blush shade and a subtle refinement of the overall lip shape. The procedure also has a dual health effect by stimulating collagen production to further rejuvenate the lips. And with new technology and techniques you can say goodbye to all the 'old school' lip liner techniques that created harsh defined lines, It is a very subtle gradient on the lips to create the look and feel of very natural beautiful lips.
Be advised the after the 1st treatment, the lip colour will look more like lipstick and as it heals the colour will soften to become a subtle looking lip tint. It can take 2 sessions before achieving the level of colour saturation you may desire. Everybody heals a little differently but you can expect some swelling, redness and bruising for the first few day along with scabbing and flaking (do not pick at them). Also, the colour may appear uneven at different stages of healing but be patient this will subside and you will come out with beautiful pouty lips.

$600 (includes both sessions)

*We do not recommend these services for anyone who is pregnant or nursing. This is because hormonal changes may result in unpredictable results, and among many other reasons if you(the client) have an allergic reaction strong medical care or strong medication may be needed that would affect your baby.

*With new appointments, we ask for a $50 time reservation to secure your spot that will go towards the total value of the service

*Cancellation policy; We ask that you contact us reschedule a minimum of 2 days prior to your appointment. Failure to do so or not showing up for the appointment will result in a charge of $50 for the time slot taken and cannot be used for future appointments. Please reach out if this were to occur because we do know each case can be "unique"