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Other Brow & Lash Services

Ultimate Brow Package

The ultimate package for your flawless everyday look

Lash Lift + Brow Lamination + brow tint + brow shaping


+$10 for Henna Brow instead of brow tint

Lash Lift 

Achieve the natural lash curl you have always wanted with this treatment. It is done with a 2 step solution to create a semi-permanent curl for long lasting look to wow everyone around you. And what a time saver it is, from having to use mascara everyday to get getting up and go. The lash curl effect can last for 4-6 weeks.


Includes Lash tint & Brow tint

Curls and tints your lashes semi-permanently for 4-6 weeks.

Brow Lamination

A cutting edge 3 step system to realign your brow hairs with the natural growth and shape of the brow to create a fuller, on point looking brow. Great for individuals looking to achieve a brow with added volume and fluffier look by combing the brow hairs over sparse areas and often upwards resulting in a selfie ready low maintenance model look. This sleek look can last for up to 8 weeks at a time!

$90 (Includes Tint)

Brow Shape Add-on $6

Henna Brow

A great treatment to allow you to maintain a darker fuller looking brow without the use of makeup or a brow pencil. It is a more natural stain on the eyebrows that stains both the eyebrow hairs and the skin allowing it to last longer than the typical brow tint. On the eyebrow hairs it will last up to a week and on the skin up to 5 weeks to help you maintain the shade you are looking to show off with! 

$60 (includes Brow threading & Shaping)

Brow Tint

A great treatment to shade your eyebrows the colour you desire to achieve the look you would like. Staining just the eyebrow hairs to achieve the colour you would like and can last for up to 4 weeks

$25 (includes Brow Shaping & Threading)

Brow Shaping

Customize the shape of your brows to create your perfect shape for your everyday look!


*With new appointments, we ask for a $10 time reservation to secure your spot that will go towards the total value of the service for the Ultimate Brow Package, Lash Lifts, and Brow Laminations

*Cancellation policy; We ask that you contact us reschedule a minimum of 1 day prior to your appointment. Failure to do so or not showing up for the appointment will result in a charge of $20 for the time slot taken and cannot be used for future appointments. Please reach out if this were to occur because we do know each case can be "unique"

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