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Brow Lamination & Lash Lift Course

This Ultimate Brow & Lash Course is a comprehensive 5 day course that deals with all the complimentary services associated with Eyelash Extensions. It is of tremendous value for lash artists and various other estecisians for that matter to a wide range of relatable skills you can service clients with. Not only do you add termendous value to a client because can be a '1 stop shop' saving them time, money, and bad experiences. The key is whoever can provide the most VALUE typically wins!

Sumiko learned this lesson well in her 1st 2 years in business. When she realized that she could offer additional services for clients during their eyelash extension appointment (many times as a 'freebie') her client retention increased and eventually clients and referrals would ask specifically for these services helping Sumiko's bottom line. 

The Comprehensive course includes education theory and practical on Eyelash Lifts, Eyebrow Lamination, Henna Brow, Brow Tint, and Brow & Facial Threading.

$1500 includes the kit

+Microneedling: $1000

+DermaPlaning: $200

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