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MicroPigmentation Brows

One of the premier trends happening for eyebrows today. We would love to help you have flawless looking eyebrows. Have your ideal everyday look without the every morning maintenance!

Micropigmentation is the all encompassing term for all the techniques of permanent MakeUp for your eyebrows. Various techniques can be used together or alone to create your ideal brow shape. Whether it be to redefine, fill-in, extend, thicken, or recreate, we can help!

Sumiko is well trained in microblading, powder brow (aka., microshading), and ombre brow (style offshoot of powder). All these techniques also can be utilized together to create your own unique and flawless look (known as a combo brow). This is why we believe that brows are Art and Sumiko's passion is to create beautiful art with you.

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The important question for you to answer is 'Can this artist help me achieve to the look I want on my face for the next 2-5 years'? 

Outside of the financial commitment, the 4 questions you need to evaluate are;

1. Santization Standards

2. Technical Knowledge & Skill

3. Well Sourced Products

4. An Artistic Eye


Would you like to wake up with perfect eyebrows every time and also save time? A fantastic technique for brow restoration. Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique etched a layer into the skin with a single-use disposable handheld tool with ultra-fine pins that form a blade at the tip. Sumiko will create the perfect brow shape for you along with a natural hair stroke pattern for flawless, fuller eyebrows. This is fabulous to redefine your eyebrow shape, fill-in empty and sparse areas, extend, thicken, and even recreate eyebrows entirely. 


It takes 2 sessions to achieve full results and is best for dry to normal skin. It is not ideal for oily, damaged, or mature skin. And lastly, with the technique etching the pigment a layer into the skin only, it will naturally fade over 12-24 months. 

Would you like to wake up with perfect eyebrows every time and also save time? Reach out to us now and we would love to help you book in (a full consult is done and an eyebrow is agreed upon before any work is done)


2nd Session done within 6 months: $50



Ombre Brow

This lavish style is one of the hottest trends today in beauty. Its appeal starts with the shading technique used to give the appearance of makeup on the brows. The shading gives the hair strokes a more textured look with soft dusty colour throughout.

This style's trademark is shading that is darker at the tails and lighter at the front. It may also be accentuated by adding additional hair strokes at the front for a more defined makeup look. A slightly more dramatic look than microblading is for sure.

A machine with a single blade (inadvertently causing less trauma to the skin than microblading) is used to etch pigment into the layer of the skin. The difference with the microblading technique is the depth that the blade goes, and the quality of the pigment (the size of the molecules) resulting in a brow that will typically fade slower and there is less worry of scar tissue buildup. And lastly, the skin range is better with ombre brow, with candidates able to have dry to oily skin.


This is a very innovative technique helping you to worry less and look more fabulous longer!


2nd Session done within 6 months: $50




Powder Brow

aka Microshading

Fully powdered brows is a more intense pigment technique that fills in the full brow with colour. A different style than ombre brow but uses the same apparatus. It is known to be the longest-lasting of the styles.

Fantastic candidates for this technique are individuals with very oily skin or have alopecia, sun damage, or other skin conditions.

Also, you may opt for this technique also because the front of the eyebrows experience more exfoliation than the back of the eyebrow which can cause ombre brows to require more frequent touchups while powder brows as they are fading will resemble more of the ombre brow style over time.

Whichever style you opt for, that will be discussed through a full consult and remember techniques, and styles can be mixed and matched our Master Artist Sumiko to create the flawless look for you! You deserve it! 


2nd Session done within 6 months: $50



Brow Corrections / Brow Alterations

$350 per session, online or in person consult mandatory before booking

*We do not recommend these services for anyone who is pregnant or nursing. This is because hormonal changes may result in unpredictable results, and among many other reasons if you(the client) have an allergic reaction strong medical care or strong medication may be needed that would affect your baby.

*With new appointments, we ask for a $100 time reservation to secure your spot that will go towards the total value of the service

*Cancellation policy; We ask that you contact us reschedule a minimum of 3 days prior to your appointment. Failure to do so or not showing up for the appointment will result in a charge of $100 for the time slot taken and cannot be used for future appointments. Please reach out if this were to occur because we do know each case can be "unique"

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