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Continuing Mentorship for Eyelash Extensions and Permanent MakeUp

Hey Boss Babe, need additional help with your beauty 'game'. We can help!

We can help you break down your technique step by step to troubleshoot your 'areas of improvement'.

Sumiko Lui has been in the industry for over 10 years and has helped dozens of artists with their techniques to help them help their clients have a more statisfying experience. Ultimately helping the artist retain their clientele, make more money, and of course with the big payoff; helping their clients feel and look fabulous for their special event, vacation, or just their everyday life. A win, win for us all!

Continuing Mentorship - Eyelash Extensions; $300 + $50 per model

Continuing Mentorship - Permanent MakeUp; $500 + $100 per model

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