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Classic, Volume Eyelash Extensions and Eyelash lift, and Eyebrow Lamination


Make a Statement in the beauty industry by stepping in and helping clients experience one of the most desired eye enhancements today. The new 'little black dress' of the beauty industry makes a statement for all ladies and you can help them experience this.

For fabulously looking eyelashes, you will learn there are different techniques and styles that clients can get. Our 3 day eyelash extensions course focuses on either the classic eyelash technique or the volume eyelash technique. Each technique is a sister to the other and is great to have to service a variety of clientele. 


And our eyelash lift course is a 2 day course designed to help the beauty professional grow their skill set. Lash lifts are fantastic for the busy women that is wanting voluminous eyelashes and wants to save themselves time without foregoing their beauty.

Classic Eyelash Extensions 3 day course: $1000 (does not include kit)

Volume Eyelash Extensions 3 day course: $1500 (does not include kit)

Eyelash Lift 2 Day course: $500 (does not include kit)

Eyebrow Lamination 2 Day course: $500 (does not include kit)

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