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Comprehensive Eyelash Extension


For Select Artists only. A full interview must be done prior to and you must selected to participate in this course.

Introducing you to the most luxurious and complete of our eyelash course lineup. This comprehensive 6-8 week course includes both classic eyelash extensions and volume eyelash extensions, it also includes lash lifts, brow lamination, henna brow, brow tint, and brow threading. The aim of this is to give each aspiring beauty boss the Competence and Confidence to aspire to a clientele base right after completing this program. With a vast array of skills sets taught we aim to give you the ability to make money with a variety of clientele of different needs and desires, and also by providing multiple services for one client.

The founder, Sumiko Lui knows what it is like to finish a 2 day eyelash course, work on 1 model and get an eyelash certificate stating you are now certified to do eyelashes on actual clients. It can be frightening and trust us, Sumiko was as well. 

With little training and little confidence Sumiko persevered over the next 2 years to gain competence and confidence in her craft. With those trying times came the idea for a better program that would allow a ambitious student to gain more training, soft skills, business skills, and marketing skills from one program that would allow that individual to get off to a much better start than Sumiko ever did. 

All of this was done with 1 goal in mind; help to decrease the drop out rate among new eyelash artists. The better the individual artist, the better it makes the beauty industry, the better the experiences each client can have everywhere! This starts with equipping the right individuals to become Competent and Confident eyelash artists!

The apprenticeship program includes a minimum of 19 hours of theory and technical training and also a minimum of 19 hours of model work. And we promise you we play to the maximums and we will strive to give you more than the value you paid.

Classes include a minimum of two 3 hour in person sessions per week along with a minimum of one 2 hour 'dedicated model time' per week. The 'apprenticeship' runs for 6 weeks. During the 3rd & 6th weeks there is a 'mid-term' and 'final' progress report respectively. In addition to this, 'lash look books' are examined at the 3rd week and 6th week and are due at the end of the 8th week prior to the graduation day photoshoot.

Modules/Lessons per week are as follows;

Week 1: Sanitization, COVID-19, Public Health, Setting up your lash work station

Week 2: Eye Anatomy, Eye health and other conditions, Eyelash growth, Eye patching and Taping Methods

Week 3: Different types of lashes, Preparing the lashes, Lash Mapping

Week 4: Client Consultation, Step by step application technique, Isolation

Week 5: Adhesives, Lash removal products, Lash removal techniques

Week 6: Marketing tips, Booking your first clientele, Finding your target lash client, Creating loyal clientele

In addition, following the Apprenticeship we provide a professional photoshoot and video shoot as part of your 'graduation day' when you receive your certificates.

Price: $5000 + $1500 lash kit

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