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Eyelash Extensions

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The premier eyelash extension service for the entire Kitchener - Waterloo region... Volume Lashes are a huge trend in the world! From London to Japan to Las Vegas, the eyelash extension world is constantly expanding.


Think of a full set of volume fans like a custom made gown, the hand made artisan fans are often called bouquets. Thus representing a dozen roses, but generally consisting of 2-20 flexible and fluffy these feather-like lashes are placed onto each natural lash while each fan is handmade by yours truly Sumiko!


I am tailoring for each and every one of your natural lashes. This truly helps to keep your lashes healthy and happy by adding fans that are the correct weight and length for your specific lashes.

Long Lashes
Eyelash Extensions

Sumiko's full sets; $200 

Team Member Full sets:

Classic or Hybrid; $130

Volume; $145

Sumiko's Lash Fills - $100

Team Member Lash Fills - $70

2-3 weeks - 40% lashes remaining after growth removal

Long Lashes
Eyelash Extensions

Sumiko's Mega Volume Sets

Mega Volume Full Set - $250

Mega Volume Fill - $120

2-3 weeks - ~40% lashes remaining after growth removal  

Mega Volume Fill - $150

If only 20% lashes remaining after growth removal  

*With new appointments, we ask for a $20 time reservation ($50 for Mega Volume sets) to secure your spot that will go towards the total value of the service

*Cancellation policy; We ask that you contact us reschedule a minimum of 1 day prior to your appointment. Failure to do so or not showing up for the appointment will result in a charge of $20 for the time slot taken and cannot be used for future appointments. Please reach out if this were to occur because we do know each case can be "unique"

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