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Permanent Eyeliner: A Step-by-Step Guide

What Is Permanent Eyeliner and How Does It Work?

Permanent eyeliner, often known as an eyeliner tattoo, is a technique that eliminates the need to wear eyeliner every day. Permanent eyeliner is created by applying ink along the lashline with a tattooing process to give the impression of eyeliner. (This ink is permanent, however it must be reapplied every 3-5 years.) Eyeliner tattoos come in a number of forms, ranging from very thin, natural-looking lines to bolder lines and even winged eyeliner.

The Advantages

The advantages of getting an eyeliner tattoo range from eliminating the need for eyeliner (if you use it frequently in your beauty regimen) to enhancing your eye shape. In terms of aesthetic treatments, the procedure lasts between two and five years before requiring a touch-up, which is rather long. Finally, because this process does not require eyelashes, it is a popular treatment for patients with scant lashes, hair loss, and/or alopecia who want to enhance their eye area.

How to Get Ready for Your Eyeliner Tattoo Consultation

If you're thinking about getting permanent eyeliner, meet with a skilled technician first to examine your alternatives and learn more about the procedure. There are several kinds to pick from, and once you've settled on the ideal eyeliner for you, you may proceed with your treatment. Bringing in inspiration photos is usually a good idea.

To avoid irritation, refrain from using any sensitizing skincare products (such as retinol or glycolic acid) in the eye area for a full week before to your visit. You should arrive to your consultation with clean skin that is free of all makeup. To help you relax and avoid twitching, many artists recommend avoiding coffee (or any caffeine for that matter) on the day of your treatment.

What to Expect at Your Consultation

The technique of eyeliner tattooing has been refined throughout time, and (contrary to popular belief) it is now a relaxing procedure. The procedure lasts 45 minutes to an hour, and the area is numbed before it is applied. The skin is slightly broken during the first pass of the needle, but you will not experience bleeding or discomfort if you are properly numbed. You will feel a slight buzzing along the lashes where the needle is applying the ink—the skin is slightly broken during the first pass of the needle—but you will not experience bleeding or discomfort if you are properly numbed. Eyeliner tattoos have gone a long way since your mother, aunt, or grandma got them and complained about how painful they were.

Lash Line Enhancement vs. Eyeliner Tattoo

If a permanent eyeliner tattoo isn't for you but you still want the benefit of a thicker lash line, there's a semi-permanent treatment called lash line enhancement that you might try instead. The application method is quite similar to that of eyeliner tattoos, however unlike eyeliner tattoos, this treatment employs a vegetable-based pigment that the body absorbs over time, thus it only lasts around six to nine months.


After getting an eyeliner tattoo, there is very little downtime, and the color should fade naturally within two to three weeks. If your skin along your lashes is sensitive, apply vaseline 1-2 times per day for one week to maintain the region hydrated and prevent further irritation. Avoid rubbing your eyes and wearing eye makeup unless you're sure you're ready.

The Final Thought

Whether you go for a permanent eyeliner tattoo or a lash line improvement, there are choices for everyone who wants the beauty of eyeliner without the hassle. There are a few factors that can influence the length of time your liner tattoo lasts. Each person's outcomes may vary depending on their lifestyle and everyday activities. Do you intend to have one? Feel free to email me, Sumiko Lui, at or book your appointments here.

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