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Ombre Brows: An Overview

When it comes to current beauty trends, one style stands out above the rest: the strong brow. Whether you want a natural, full appearance or want to try out the latest and greatest ombre trend, the way you wear your brows can be a simple and spectacular fashion statement. However, many of us are still suffering from the aftereffects of the 1990s thin brow — how can we achieve the gorgeous, full brows of our dreams without spending hours each week filling them in? The answer is simple for many women: semi-permanent ombre brows!

What are Ombre Brows, and how do you get them?

Ombre brows are a new type of semi-permanent makeup that may be used to get those Instagram-worthy brows. Rather than artificial hairs, like in feather-touch brows, this style uses simulated cosmetics. The technician uses a fading technique to fill in the brows, which starts darker in the brow tails and lightens towards the center. The end result is a pair of bold and attractive ombre brows that can last up to two years with minimum upkeep.

This method is highly adaptable to the individual's needs and may be used to shape brows as well as create the ideal ombre effect. Because pigment is utilized instead of traditional inks, the technician can customize the color to the customer's skin tone and hair color. Although the thickness can be modified depending on personal choice, the outcome is a more robust look than typical feathering.

The Methodology

The ombre brow surgery is straightforward and virtually painless. A topical anesthetic is administered to the brow area prior to the surgery to numb the skin. The operator then etchs in the brow contour with small tattoo ink, simulating a powder-filled brow look. They will often begin with a lighter hand to see how your skin reacts to the pen before filling in your brows with a darker result. This procedure can take anywhere from an hour to two hours, depending on the technician's ability and the desired brow appearance.

Notes on Pre-Treatment

There are various preparations you should take before undergoing a semi-permanent ombre brows operation to ensure that the procedure is a success:

To begin, make an appointment with your technician before to your treatment to discuss the desired outcome. Make sure to mention the color as well as the form and style you're searching for. You may be confident that your expert will know exactly what you're seeking in this manner.

Second, avoid getting your brows colored right before your visit. Because of the pigment in the brows, it might be difficult for your technician to color-match them correctly.

On the same note, don't show up to your appointment wearing makeup. Of course, they will be able to remove it for you, but this will take time away from your scheduled treatment and force your specialist to work quicker.

Finally, three days previous to your visit, avoid using AHAs, BHAs, or exfoliants on your skin, as this can cause undesirable skin irritation, which can impede skin absorption and cause the brow pigment to fade more quickly.

Following the Procedure

Your ombre brows, like any tattoo, will require some healing time — in this case, about 2-3 weeks. Don't worry if your brows appear very pigmented and dark throughout this time. Over the first week or so, this effect will fade by about half, settling into your ideal color. Keep in mind that your skin will push the dye out of your brows at varying rates, so the color may appear uneven at times. Also, if your skin starts to scab, don't pick at it because this can remove the color. You can always return to your technician for a touch-up to modify the shape and color of your brows once they've settled.


With the help of ombre brows, you may obtain those lust-worthy, stunning brows you see all over Instagram! Feel free to email me, Sumiko Lui, at or book your appointments here.

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