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Are Magnetic Lashes Safe?

Extensions vs Magnetic Lashes

Have you ever wished for instantaneously longer, fuller lashes? You're not the only one who feels this way! However, if you're thinking about trying magnetic eyelashes, reconsider!

Learn what magnetic lashes are, why they're a pain to use, and why they're not good for your natural lashes.

What are magnetic lashes and how do you use them?

Magnetic lashes, like fake lash strips, can be found in the beauty section of many stores or online. They usually come in a packet with strips for each eye, as well as tiny magnets to keep the strips in place on your eyelids.

These strips are put above and below your lash line, as well as through your natural lashes.

Other manufacturers may include a specific magnetic eyeliner that you use before applying the lash strips to your lash line.

Do magnetic lashes permanently damage your natural lashes?

Magnetic lashes may appear to be an easy way to improve your lash game, but they are far from flawless. Why?

Here's the lowdown:

The application and removal of the magnets can injure your natural lash line. Pinching your eyes and pulling your lashes, potentially causing detachment.

Magnetic lashes frequently do not fit properly, slipping out of place or falling off when worn (not a nice look).

Those who choose to use magnetic lashes should be aware that they may:

  • damage or broke your natural lashes

  • cause the growth of your lashes in the opposite direction

  • when your false lashes are removed, pull on your natural lashes.

  • induce hair follicle damage along your lash line

  • for those with sensitive skin, this can cause irritation or an allergic response.

  • magnetic eyelashes are just not a safe option. They're also a lot more painful than lash extensions.

Choose Lash Extensions

The product quality is often low when you utilize DIY lashes to enhance your look—whether magnetic lashes, fake lash strips or even at-home eyelash extension kits. Other concerns include not receiving a specific fit or style, causing damage to your natural lashes, and (the biggest bummer) not having the same long-lasting benefits as lash extensions.


If you are planning to get your lash extensions, don’t hesitate to email me at or book your appointments here - I can guarantee that you’ll have the best lash extensions that you’re looking for.

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