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What Will My Ombre Powder Brows Look Like in 2 Years?

Without touch-ups, ombre powder brows can last up to 1.5 years. Most customers will need to have the color updated at this point if they want to keep their brows looking beautiful for longer, or they can choose to let the results fade.

If all goes well, your brows will look faded at the two-year point.

It's crucial to remember that everyone's pigment fades at a different rate. Because of a variety of circumstances, including body chemistry, skin type, and lifestyle, some clients' ombre powder brows do not require frequent touch-ups, while others require them once a year.

Let's have a look at some distinct fading scenarios.

1. They've Completely Disappeared

In the majority of cases, ombre powder brows will still be evident after two years. It's uncommon for them to vanish entirely, but it's possible.

The trouble about permanent brows is that, despite the fact that the pigments injected into the skin are designed to be broken down by the body, not all of their components can be extracted completely. There will always be some residue on the skin, but it can either be apparent or invisible.

In some situations, ombre powder brows can completely vanish:

Excessive sebum production can drive pigments out of the skin. Pigment retention is poor because the skin does not absorb colors properly and they do not settle in overtime. Inadequate pigmentation depth - if the artist does not deposit the colors deeply enough, the pigments will be washed out by skin cell turnover. To begin with, the color was light. It's worth noting that if your ombre powder brows are completely gone after two years, the explanation is most likely a mix of all of aforementioned causes.

What Should I Do?

You can schedule an appointment to get them redone. However, there are two concerns here. Because you're getting a brand new set, you'll almost certainly have to pay the full amount. Also, because your brows are likely to fade at the same rate the second time around, you should get a touch-up before the two-year milestone.

2. They're faded, but they still appear to be in good condition.

This is the most typical and desirable scenario. Ombre powder brows retain their original shape after two years, and the color hasn't changed, although it has lost intensity and is quite light.

This is how the long-term consequences should be. It indicates that the artist did everything correctly and that the pigments were properly absorbed by your skin.

What Should I Do?

If you don't want PMU anymore, you can get them refreshed and darken the color, or you can let them fade even more and go back to filling them in with conventional makeup. PMU cleanup is usually not required for very light residues because they aren't visible.

3. They Haven't Faded Much Some individuals simply have excellent retention, and their ombre powder brows look deep and defined after two years.

This might happen if your skin is severely dry or if you have aged skin. Our systems slow down as we age, and the skin cell turnover cycle becomes considerably longer. That's why older clientele' ombre powder brows frequently remain longer.

What Should I Do?

Take advantage of your fantastic brows! You can, but you don't have to, get a touch-up.


Choose an experienced artist who uses high-quality pigments, you’ll love your ombre powder brows even 2 years later! Feel free to email me, Sumiko Lui, at or book your appointments here.

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