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What is the difference between Ombre Brows and Microblading?

Ombre brow


Their Distinction

Both microblading and ombre brows, often known as ombre brows, are permanent eyebrow make-up techniques. The finishes they produce, however, are vastly different.

Microblading is a very popular procedure, especially among those who get their style inspiration from celebrities and influencers. It's considered a 'fashionable' procedure.

Microblading is a technique that uses a handheld instrument with ultra-fine needles and is maybe the most well-known of all eyebrow tattooing techniques. This permits the pigment to be applied to the skin in the form of realistic-looking hair strokes for a natural look.

The ombre brows approach, on the other hand, employs a digital machine or a handheld instrument to place tiny dots of colour into the skin. The effect is a more defined, fuller brow, comparable to what cosmetic eyebrow powders can create.

Which is better for you: ombre or microblading brows?

Microblading is an excellent treatment for those who seek a natural-looking, ultra-fine hair stroke impression. If you want a brow that looks completely natural, microblading is the way to go. It's also ideal for achieving the on-trend brow style of thick, fluffy brows.

If you like an Instagram power brow, you'll probably like ombre brows. This procedure produces a more solid color rather than the individual hair strokes of microblading. For individuals who prefer their brows to be more defined, ombre brows are ideal. Ombre brows are most commonly requested by younger clientele who like a more 'evening' aspect to their brows.

Microblading or powder brows: Which lasts longer?

Both procedures require a touch-up session roughly 6 weeks following the initial procedure to complete the healing process.

Microblading and powder ombre brows, despite being permanent makeup methods, will fade with time. Microblading can last up to one year and ombre brows up to two years on average, though this can vary depending on skin type, skincare routine, and other factors. Those with oily skin may discover that microblading fades faster on them, so opt for an ombre powder brow instead.


It can both make your brows seem great, but the technique is all up to you. Do you intend to have one? Feel free to email me, Sumiko Lui, at or book your appointments here.

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