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Threading Your Eyebrows: 3 Reasons to Think About It

Waxing has been the go-to method for professional hair removal for what seems like an eternity. Waxing is effective and can leave your skin smooth and hair-free, but it isn't always the ideal option to get rid of unwanted hair.

This is where the concept of threading comes into play. Threading has been popular in the Middle East and Asia for a long time, but it has only recently become popular in the United States. However, since it has increased in popularity in recent years, an increasing number of people have turned to it as their primary method of removing unwanted hair and shaping their brows.

Threading is a technique that includes plucking hair with a twisted thread by a technician or skincare specialist. The hair is removed at the root, similar to waxing or tweezing, and will take longer to regrow than if shaven. Threading is more exact than waxing, allowing the operator to create a more tailored brow contour for the customer.

If you're still undecided, keep reading to learn the three main reasons why you should incorporate threading into your cosmetic routine.

1. The Pain Aspect

Waxing has a number of elements that might make the procedure extremely uncomfortable for the customer. Not only is hot wax applied to the skin, but it is also peeled away in such a way that the client often feels the sting.

Threading is usually a much more pleasant experience for the client. However, that’s not to say that eyebrow threading is painless. When you remove hair from the root, you'll experience some discomfort. Many people who have had their eyebrows threaded describe it as a strange sensation, like someone pinching their skin quickly. Threading proponents argue that it is considerably superior to waxing, however some argue that the discomfort levels are comparable. The best way to see how it compares to waxing is to try it out for yourself.

2. No irritation of the skin

Many people's skin is simply too sensitive to endure waxing. Waxing is not recommended for persons with sensitive skin or those who use strong skincare products such as Retinol. Waxing eliminates not only the hair, but also the top layer of skin. This might cause unsightly red rashes and discomfort in someone with a sensitive complexion or who is using a strong skin medicine.

Threading, on the other hand, has no effect on the skin itself and merely eliminates hair. This is why it is a better option for those with the aforementioned skin issues. For their own health and safety, most skincare specialists prefer threading over waxing for customers with sensitive skin or who use Retinol, according to Elle UK.

3. Achieve the Brow Shape You Desire

Threading produces a more exact brow shape than waxing for a variety of reasons. Threading, on the other hand, removes every single hair, whereas waxing might leave very fine hairs behind. Waxing also only allows the skin expert to remove relatively big regions of hair at a time, whereas threading eliminates hairs almost one by one. "With [brow threading], you can get incredibly accurate," a celebrity brow threader told Glamour magazine.

Plunging Into Threading

Even after learning more about the procedure, many people are still apprehensive of having their brows threaded professionally. If you've scheduled your first session, be sure to follow the procedures below to guarantee a seamless process. Look for photographs of brow shapes that are comparable to the one you want to attain on the internet. If you're sensitive to pain, wait 24 hours before applying any severe skin treatments and take two aspirins an hour before your consultation. Inform your threader that this is your first time and that you have any worries or questions.

Schedule an appointment now!

Threading is the most effective approach to achieve the brows you desire. While it may seem intimidating at first if you've never tried it, it only takes one appointment to realize why this approach is so popular and generally preferred over waxing. Feel free to email me, Sumiko Lui, at or book your appointments here.

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