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Powder Brows Healing & Aftercare: How to Get the Best Out of Your Brows

The beauty industry is dominated by permanent and semi-permanent cosmetics. Every day, it appears that new techniques are being developed. When it comes to brows, there are a variety of treatments available. All you have to do now is pick the best eyebrow treatment for you. Since powder brows are one of the most popular types of semi-permanent brow makeup, here's everything you need to know about the healing and aftercare procedure.

What are Powder Brows?

Powder brows, also known as ombre powder brows, is a technique for creating natural-looking brows with a powder finish that involves a unique shading technique. It fills in the brows with a combination of dots and shading, giving them a thicker, more symmetrical appearance. The end effect is powdery brows that give your face a makeup-like appearance.

What Causes Powder Brows to Fade and How Can You Prevent It?

Because the pigment is not placed as far into the skin as traditionally tattooed brows, this therapy is not permanent. The color will fade after some time because the treatment is semi-permanent.

They can last anywhere from one to three years, depending on your skin type, lifestyle, and how you care for your brows. Regular touch-ups will help to maintain the brows' impact and flawless appearance.

How Does the Healing Process Appear?

Your brows will be a little puffy and too dark immediately after the treatment since the method includes progressively introducing tiny dots of pigment into the skin, ensuring that there are no hard edges but a delicate and seamless shading appearance.

The healing process takes 4-6 weeks, during which time you should pay special attention to your brows.

Here's what to expect during your recovery period:

1st to 2nd day

Your brows are far too dark, resembling a block of color. There is also redness, and they may be swollen. You might not be satisfied, but that's to be expected.

3rd day

Scabbing is the first thing you'll notice. Scabs fall off in one or several large pieces after the ombre powder brows treatment.

4th to 10th day

This is the most difficult time to get through since your scabs continually dropping off, leaving areas on your brows. Although your brows are itchy, you should never scratch or touch them. Continue with your aftercare program and remain patient.

10th to 14th day

Your brows appear to be too light, and you must believe the entire procedure was a failure. Scabs aren't as common as they formerly were. The healing process is virtually complete.

14th to 21st day

Your brows are returning! They're starting to take shape and look a lot better. However, they may appear patchy and uneven in appearance.

21st to 30th day

Your brows have fully recovered. It's now time to schedule a touch-up session to address any remaining patches or defects.

What Can Affect the Healing of Powder Brows?

The speed and rate of the healing process are influenced by a number of factors:

  • Skin type — some skin types heal more quickly and the pigment settles perfectly.

  • Age

  • Diet

  • Smoking - causes the healing process to be slowed.

  • Physical activity — excessive sweating wreaks havoc on the healing process.

  • Sunlight exposure — try to stay out of the sun as much as possible.

What Should I Be Aware Of When Scabbing?

After a powder brow treatment, scabbing is extremely prevalent. It happens to the majority of people. Heavy scabbing, on the other hand, should be treated with caution and should be reported to your powder brow artist or a dermatologist.

Scabs do not show up right away following therapy. They'll appear in 3-5 days and can last for up to two weeks.

It's crucial not to touch them because doing so might cause major injury and delay the healing process.

Attempting to stop scabbing is futile. You can use a cotton pad and a small amount of sterile water to gently "wash" your brows in the morning and evening. You can apply an ointment to treat the area and promote the scabs to fall off faster if your artist suggests it.

What Is Included in the Aftercare?

Aftercare for ombre powder brows is crucial to the treatment's success. You must strictly adhere to your powder brow artist's directions. The following are the dos and don'ts of aftercare:

What do you need to do?

  • Make sure your powder brows are cleaned on a regular basis. After cleaning with cotton pads and sterile water, dry the area.

  • Apply a thin layer of the artist's prescribed ointment. Scabs will fall off more quickly as a result. It's also a good idea to apply it before showering to preserve the region. After your brows have healed, don't use it.

What you shouldn’t do?

  • The scabs should not be touched or peeled off.

  • Make sure you don't over-wash your brows. Wipe the area with a cotton pad.

  • Makeup should not be worn.

  • Swimming is not recommended.

  • Sleeping on your face is not a good idea.

  • Showers aren't as long or as hot as they used to be.

  • Don't let them be exposed to the sun.

  • Don't overwork yourself or sweat excessively.

How Do I Take Care of My Powder Eyebrows After They've Healed?

You can be more relaxed once the healing time is done and your ombre brows have taken on their final look. You can now wash your face, as usual, apply cosmetics, sleep on your face, exercise, or do whatever you want.

Schedule regular touch-ups if you want them to last longer. Face cosmetics containing retinol, glycolic, or lactic acids should also be avoided because they hasten to fade.

When can I start wearing makeup after the powder brow treatment?

The area is delicate and susceptible to infection during the healing process. As a result, avoid wearing any cosmetics near the treated area, as some of it may get into the wound and induce infection. After the healing period is over, you can resume your normal daily routine.

Do I Need Touch-Ups and How Often Do I Need Them?

Because the ombre powder treatment requires two visits, the initial touch-up is required. Following the healing time is over, which is usually 4-6 weeks after the procedure, the first touch-up should be done. Its sole objective is to eliminate all flaws. For example, if your skin didn't take the pigment well in some areas, a touch-up can be used to correct the problem.


It is critical to follow all of the suggestions in order to achieve excellent results. After that, you may relax and enjoy your powdered brows that are gorgeous and natural-looking.

If you want to save time, look more beautiful, and have natural-looking brows, free free to reach me at or book here.

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