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Maintenance of Henna Brows and How Often Should You Re-dye

Henna Brows Maintenance

When doing a treatment on a client with an oilier complexion, it's critical to explain the aftercare so that they get the greatest results possible. They should avoid water contact with their brows/eye region for the next 48 hours following a treatment and prevent over-washing their face. It's critical to use an oil-free makeup remover when removing makeup.

All skin types, however, release natural oils on a regular basis as our skin cells breathe. This is a common occurrence, and the henna will eventually fade away. Henna sheds in the same way as skin does. But how frequently should you have your brows tinted?

When should you apply henna on your brows?

It's no joy walking around with faded brows, we recognize. But it's more crucial not to over-dry your skin or harm your hair follicles. Henna is still a dye with chemical properties, much like other colorants. It's crucial to let it thoroughly oxidize into your skin and give your hairs a chance to breathe before applying it again.

The color can wash away significantly after 1 to 2 weeks in normal to slightly oily skin types. Going back after a week and asking to have your brows dyed again can really be damaging to your hair and skin's condition. Over-processing your brows is not recommended and might harm their health.

Instead, fill in the gaps using a brow pencil or pomade and repeat the technique in a week or two. In between treatments, once a month is the most ideal time frame. Henna is supposed to fade over time, which signifies your skin cells are renewing and your body is functioning normally!

Consequences of henna brow tinting on a regular basis

If you've been having the treatment for a while, you've most likely had a patch or allergy test done. However, if the tint is used too frequently, consumers may develop allergies to it. That is something we do not desire! Your skin will try to fight back against the color as a result of being over-processed. Redness and itchy skin can also occur, giving you the appearance of "brow dandruff." Most importantly, if you tint too often, you risk losing your hair! This is the last thing you want, because henna is supposed to help you develop hair by strengthening your hair follicles! However, as with any chemical treatment or hair dye, if used excessively, hair loss can occur.

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