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Is Makeup As We Know It Coming To An End With Permanent Makeup?

Have you ever passed that effortlessly attractive girl on your way to getting your morning coffee or to the gym? "How do you look so fantastic thus early in the morning?" you wonder or "your eyeliner is perfect despite the fact that we've been sweating for 45 minutes?" How? In normal conditions, pulling this off would need a lengthy morning makeup procedure followed by many touch-ups throughout the day.

Companies that sell topical cosmetics are always promising you longer-lasting eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip color. During cosmetic advertising, words like waterproof, sweat-proof, and smudge-proof crowd cosmetics containers and sing to you. You've tried everything, and although some of it is clearly beneficial, nothing is completely everything that you require.

Permanent Makeup & Semi-Permanent Makeup

Permanent or semi-permanent makeup is the only method to have consistently beautiful eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip color that can last for years. The way women think about makeup is rapidly changing.

The technique has been mastered by permanent makeup professionals. Color is placed into your skin through small nanoneedles. This is a long-term makeup application. You can now go about your daily life looking effortlessly attractive.

Permanent makeup is becoming as popular as gel manicures and eyelash extensions in terms of cosmetic upkeep.

Topical Makeup vs Permanent Makeup

Topical Makeup


  • Temporary, so you can switch up your look on a daily basis

  • Collectibles and fun to play with


  • It consumes a significant amount of time.

  • You must buy makeup on a regular basis.

  • You can't leave the house without it.

  • It's pricey.

  • Practice is required.

Permanent Makeup


  • For years, you won't need to wear cosmetics.

  • Your makeup is now smudge-proof, sweat-proof, and water-resistant.

  • Every morning, you'll save time.

  • You don't have to go out and buy cosmetics anymore.

  • You save money in the long run.

  • Your makeup will always be symmetrical.


  • More money is spent upfront.

  • It is necessary to make an appointment.

  • Can make you feel anxious

  • After your consultation, you will have a 7-day recovery period.

Final Thought

As of this moment, a lot of things have changed for the better and are more beneficial to many people - and that includes the cosmetic industry. Having permanent makeup might be expensive but you can definitely benefit from having it.

If you ever thought of getting one, feel free to email me at or book your appointments here.

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