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Guide to Lifting Your Eyelashes

Many women value keeping their beauty routines up to date (and men). Making sure your nails are in perfect condition, your skin is tight, and your wrinkles are minimized. Eyelashes are becoming more and more important to maintain on a regular basis. Whether you want them to be long or curly, it's critical that they are properly cared for.

Eyelash extensions not only make your lashes longer and curlier, but they also assist your eyes stand out, look bigger, and more defined.

The lash lift and tint is one of the eyelash treatments available at La Belle Beauty in both our Shoreham and Worthing locations. I'd like to demonstrate what happens during this type of treatment so you'll be ready for your visit when it comes.

Before You Start Your Treatment

A patch test will be required prior to this type of treatment; the patch test is a simple and quick approach to detect if you have a reaction to any of the solutions that will be used. We'll test three different products behind your ear in just two minutes, and you'll have to leave them on for at least 24 hours. Most people have no reaction to the bulk of testing, therefore we can proceed with the treatment. It's always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to goods that will come into contact with your eyes and face.

Always attend to your session with your eyelashes clean and free of any oils, cosmetics, or lotions, as this will allow the solutions to be applied to your lashes without any obstructions.

To shape your eyelashes, you can use three different sized rollers, each of which works differently depending on the length of your lashes. All of the beauty therapists who finish your treatment will give you the best recommendations for what will work best for you. The smaller the roller, the more curled your eyelashes will be; however, if your lashes are extremely long, a larger roller may be preferable.

The Process of Treatment

You'll be in one of our luxurious private rooms for the treatment, where you can relax while the beauty therapist does her magic.

We utilize Elleebanna Lash Lifting products and you will lie down and rest on the sumptuous bed for the duration of the treatment.

1st step

A pad will be placed beneath your eyes to protect your lower lashes from being entangled in the perming solution and curving in the wrong direction. The roller will then be bonded to your eyelid, and your eyelashes will be curved around it and placed in the proper position to curl properly. It will only take a few minutes to complete this stage. None of this is in the least bit painful or unpleasant.

2nd Step

Once your eyelashes are in the right place, a little brush is used to apply the perming solution to the roots of the lashes; this solution will stay on for around 7 minutes.

You may feel compelled to open your eyes at times, but we will keep you as relaxed as possible and walk you through the procedures if you have any concerns.

3rd step

The perm solution is then withdrawn, and the curl is fixed in place with the setting solution. This could take up to 5 minutes more.

4th step

It's time to finish the tint after the lashes have been curled. The lower lashes are coloured first, followed by the upper lashes. Because the lashes are porous following the lash raising solution, the tint just needs to be on them for a few minutes.

The treatment is finished after the tint is applied. After removing the roller and pad, you can admire your gorgeous new curled and coloured lashes in the mirror.

You should see a difference in your lashes right away, and you should be able to wear less mascara for the next few weeks.

Following-up Care

Because you can't wear mascara for 24 hours or get your lashes wet for 48 hours, you'll need to take care of them for the next few days. These instructions should be followed to ensure that your lash lift and tint last as long as possible.

For 6-8 weeks, your eyelashes should be curled and tinted. After that, you can schedule another treatment.


If you're on the edge about getting eyelash extensions, this is the obvious place to start. It's a very pleasant procedure, and you'll wake up with beautiful new eyelashes. Feel free to email me, Sumiko Lui, at or book your appointments here.

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