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Follow me in my walkthrough at Luxe Nail Bar - my new PMU Studio

Microblading? Permanent Makeup? Ombré brows? Come visit me into my beautiful world at 95 King Street South

It begins with intricate lash designs to tickle your wildest beauty fanatic dreams - the premier experience - at my beauty bar tell me what you need, if I don't have it - I WILL FIND IT! Passion to learn? Come take our immersive eyelash extension artistry course and become a certified beauty boss babe. Take yourself in a new direction - YOUR OWN! Because if the job of your dreams is not hiring, HIRE YOURSELF by partnering with me to learn how to launch your beauty empire... become the woman YOU desire to be... the 100% you have always wanted. How do I know all this? Because I am you. The number one question I get asked the most is "Where do you get all your energy from?" SERIOUSLY!! people think I'm like the unstoppable FORCE... and well... Yes.. I am a WO-MAN!!! I don't get exhausted from smiling - instead I am exhilarated because I am being authentic! Are you a struggling artist? I was there too, wondering how or when I was going to book my next client when I started as a work from home wife. DO YOU NEED MORE INSIGHT TO BRING IN THE RIGHT CLIENTELE? Who doesn’t, right? In the background my husband and I developed a system on what to share on social media WITHOUT TRYING TO SELL them anything, and now years later these people who were once just... strangers became my BEST FRIENDS and brand ambassadors. Are you ready? Book a course today and let me tell you how I did it so you can too!

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