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Eyebrows that are perfect? Take a look at Microblading

After a long day at work, a trip to the gym, or a swim, do you get bored of seeing your brows shrink from full and defined to barely there? For those of you who are ready for a semi-permanent solution to larger eyebrows, microblading is the answer.

How to master microblading etiquette

Using a specially designed tool, microblading puts semi-permanent colour to your brow area. It's not the same as getting your eyebrows tattooed, which is a long-term process.

The microblading equipment employs ultra-thin needles to replicate your natural brow hairs with precise strokes of colour. It's safe and beneficial to get microblading done by a competent and experienced expert in a sterile setting to create bigger, more defined eyebrows.

The procedure of microblading is not suitable for everyone. Either rosacea or eczema may preclude the use of this medication.

An in-depth look at a microblading appointment

Microblading begins with a thorough assessment of your facial structure and natural brow shape and fullness. This can help you achieve natural-looking outcomes while also emphasizing your best assets.

We use a topical numbing lotion even though most patients don't experience any pain during the treatment. A thorough post-treatment guide is provided to our patients.

After microblading, what to expect

A semi-permanent cosmetic technique, microblading ensures that your brows will be perfectly shaped and not smear or bleed. Even while you'll see a difference right away, it may take a few days for the region to heal and for the best results to show.

The cherry on top? Long-lasting results can be achieved with microblading. Skin type and lifestyle factors such as swimming in chlorinated pools affect how long patients preserve their results. For best results, we may propose a touch-up appointment every few months.

Avoiding excessive sun exposure and applying daily sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher will help your microblading last longer.


Are you ready to say goodbye to your eyebrow pencils? Feel free to email me, Sumiko Lui, at or book your appointments here.

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