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Currently in style: Freckle Tattoos

Do you aspire to have beautiful natural freckles? Your desire will come true with semi-permanent artificial freckles! In the realm of semi-permanent makeup, faux-freckle tattoos are the newest fad, and we are now proud to offer this service! Freckle tattoos may be worth considering whether you use a brow pencil to create your own faux-freckles or wait until summer for your natural sunspots to show. Freckle tattoos save time and help keep your skin fresh!

What are freckle tattoos and how do you get them?

Faux-freckle tattoos, commonly known as "freckling," are a cosmetic treatment that involves creating tiny dots that imitate genuine freckles with a standard microblading pen. I carefully select pigments that complement your skin tone and discuss freckle placement with you to ensure that you're on board!

Why Are Freckle Tattoos So Popular?

  • Creates beautiful natural-looking faux-freckles

  • From pigment shade to location, everything is completely adjustable to your preferences.

  • It lasts for 1-3 years (dependent on conditions such as sun exposure, skin type, etc.)

  • Instant results - no need for makeup pens or sun spots!

  • Fades over time, giving it a very realistic and natural appearance.

The Methodology

So that I can get a good look at your face and skin type, come to your session without any makeup or skincare on. We'll talk about freckle placement, then I'll draw a line where the freckles will go before applying the permanent makeup to ensure they're flawless! When you're ready, I'll apply a numbing lotion to alleviate any discomfort and start microblading your new faux-freckles. To make the freckles look more natural, I'll make sure they have a faint blotchy effect.

Expect some swelling, redness, and a slight darkening of your freckles over the next few days after the surgery. Your freckles will soften over time, giving you a really natural appearance. Faux-freckles are a great complement to any spring or summer outfit!

Make an appointment right now!

Are you ready to embrace your new freckles? Feel free to email me, Sumiko Lui, at or book your appointments here.

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